1. stormraven24:


    It’s just so beautiful!

  2. waywardcastiel:

    i hate it when you’re walking along and you suddenly become really self-conscious about the way you are walking so you concentrate on walking normally and just end up like


  3. ohdamnthosecheekbones:


    Fun Fact: I am VERY bad a hydrating myself. If I ever die unexpectedly it’s probably because I just forgot to drink water for a week. 

    Hail hydration

  4. ejacutastic:

    ok but peeling the protective tape off of new electronics is the most satisfying thing ever

  5. toastdurr:


    i bet my tongue is stronger than yours wanna find out

    hELL YES


  6. theindependentvigilante:


    So I learned from my friend that coconut water can be used as an emergency blood transfusion, and of course my first thought was “So, can a vampire drink coconut water?”

    and of course we had this idea of these tropical vampires being horrified when these old world vampires come and are still drinking blood like some sort of monster.

    Write a book

  7. ginger-love-palace:

what are you doing shayco


    what are you doing shayco